Reda & Starboy - "Greenlight"

 Title: Greenlight

Part 1:

The soft whir of the door opening draws my attention. It’s late and dark. The dimmed exterior light casts an imposing shadow over the bed and wall. It’s well into the night and my heart starts to beat more heavily. I can feel it, rhythmically, excitedly, through my chest. My hands splayed upward under my pillow. My face and chest soft against the bed sheets. I don’t move as the door clicks shut.

I know this shadow. I know this build. Its broad shoulders. Its indominable height stretched out over the wall. I know who he is without having to check. 

With the slightest, most controlled movement I look to the stand near the side of the bed. A soft green light is lit. It is small and offers the only break in the darkness, but the knowledge of it being lit is everything in this moment. My breath draws slow with controlled stillness. My whole-body aching to move…to react. 

The bed and blankets shift to comply with the strong hands reaching into them. A warmth moves under the sheets up my calves, over the back of my knees. I can feel his weight moving crawling up the bed. Slow controlled breaths pass over my exposed legs. I can feel hands asserting themselves over the bed, spread wide and strong on either side of my legs. There is a soft pressure against the back of my legs, then my thighs. Lips maybe, or a cheek. Soft and barely present, moving back and forth over the softest parts of my skin. My skin aches in response, cold and hot all at once as anticipation pass through me in waves. What could be seconds feels like hours as my mind races to imagine the body hovering over my legs. A kiss draws my attention back to the now. Soft and sweet on my left calve then my right, then both thighs, and then...warm breath climbing, passing between my legs, and soon soft, bare kisses on the lowest curves of my ass. My breath catches as I fight to control my stillness. To remain still. To not react. 

With each kiss, the pressure grows. Each kiss lingers longer than the last. More intense, more seeking. The time between each press of his mouth against my body shorter until they become something more. Firm, full lips sliding against the inside of my legs barely breaking contact with my skin. Mouth slightly open, his tongue leaving small streaks of coolness behind. Strong cheeks and a mouth pressing against my legs, moving them further apart with hungry desire. 

I drift into the sensation. Dreamlike, faded, on the verge of sleep until I feel the weight of him shift again. Rising slightly, drawing his knees closer to my feet and then his hands find the outside of my ankles. Those hands. Long, soft, and intensely strong. I imagine the contrast of his skin against mine. His deep and rich against the paleness of mine. His fingers glide over the outside of my calves with the most controlled movement. There is barely any pressure but I struggle to control each muscle. I fight to relax them. Each in turn with his movement, drawing my awareness to every spot he touches. His hands draw up the sides of my legs, then trace a line down the backs of both my legs and come to rest, palm down on my calves. His fingers splaying around my legs as they slide up the sides of my legs as he moves his knees between my ankles. Palms on my thighs, thumb pressing between my legs as they slide up my body. My breath seizes silently as I feel his thumbs press into the most tender part of my inner leg, brushing against the underside of my ass, then spreading outward. The pressure of his hands covering my cheeks and drawing them apart fills me with sensation. A wave of heat and sweat washes over me as he begins to kiss me. My breath catches again, staggered by the sudden awareness of his mouth on me, his teeth and tongue exploring and biting with such gentleness, such control …so close to me, so nearly inside me. The wet heat of his mouth driving between my legs and exploring the lines leading to places swelling and pulsing in response. 


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