Reda & Starboy - "Greenlight"

 Part 2:

The explorations of his mouth and tongue become more thoughtful. They move over my body and between my legs with careful scrutiny. Tongue, lips, and mouth taking in every curve and line they can find. My teeth meet my lower lip as he begins to work my exposed balls. He traces circles around them with his tongue, caressing each with care. My whole-body flush from the attention. My dick already aching and tense, throbs between my stomach and the sheets. It feels like too much. My mind and body are already a blur of sensations. When he starts to tenderly pull each of my balls into his mouth, I can feel my composure failing. Everything in my body wants to react but I know the rules. Stay still. Stay quiet. I bite down harder to quiet my urges while his attention shifts. Over my balls, kissing and licking his way up my perineum. The pressure of his mouth grows as he pays close attention to the space between my legs. I can feel his tongue and mouth firmly against me. My cock is desperate for attention. I want to spend in response. I want to cum with his mouth there, working this place between every intimate part of me. I can feel the building ache of my body’s desire.

This could be it, all he does, and it would be all I needed. At least I think so, until he moves again, his tongue easing upward. Waves of alarm ring through me. My body tensing in understanding. He is so close. His tongue,  broad and hot, moving slowly. Wet streaks cooling in its wake. His hands pressing outward, parting his way so subtly… until I feel his tongue flick at the rim of my opening. He covers me with his mouth and buries his tongue. Slow. Exploratory. Soft circles of tongue and saliva fill my body with urgency. I can feel my body reacting beyond my control. Pulsing contractions ripple through my body as it relaxes into waves of raw sensation. He’s inside me and it’s too much and too little all at once. He pushes deeper with his tongue, the force pressing my hips further into the bed. Over and over, he eases back and presses in again. The repetition of push and pull carrying through the sheets now wrapped over the head of dick. The climbing sensation grows as his movements drive my now unbearably sensitive head into the sheets again and again.

My body responds with its own rhythm release of precum as he drives me to the edge of cumming.

It’s too much to bear. The merest whimper of a sound escapes me as I fight to not spend here and now.  Impossibly quiet. Barely a noise.

He slows in response. The urgency of his touch eases in to something harder as he pulls away. I want to groan in frustration. I want to press back into him with demands for attention. Instead, I lay still and silent. Obedient. The ass cooling where he was so attentive. My dick begging for release.

He kneels, spreading his legs and hands wide. My legs slide apart making way for his. My waist sinks into the bed with the weight of his hands next to my hips. He waits, hovering over my body like I’m prey. The heat of his breath passes along my lower back and over my ass.

The steady, rhythmic pace of his breath calm but the depth of those same breaths warns of something predatory. Silence settles in. He’s still and we are both quiet. The ache of my muscles wanes as they relax. My body backing down from the sense of climbing anticipation. The awareness of the moment grows with the heat between our bodies. An alertness washes over me. What might be seconds, or minutes passes in the darkness.  Anxious thoughts fill the empty space left by the absence of his touch. 

What’s wrong? Is he done? Is it over?


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