Reda & Starboy - "Greenlight"

Part 3:

Total submission. That’s the rule of this game. He likes to be in control. It all started when I first joined the ship. I was enthralled with Reda’s hands. His hands were so different than mine. Dark and warm in color. Such a contrast to the near milk-white paleness of my own. I would watch his hands, mesmerized by the fluidity of their movement. I’d catch myself moving in response. There was some subconscious desire to follow along. He noticed once. He’d shift his hand back and forth, letting his long fingers trail softly then smile as I swayed back and forth with them. 

These interactions became a thing. A little playful moment we’d have in private during meetings or in passing moments. Sometimes it was a gentle touch to guide me in a hall. Sometimes I’d close my eyes and he’d touch my cheeks or hands. Then once he touched my lips and I reacted with the softest sucking motion drawing his finger into my mouth. That was went the direction of the game changed. There was some part of me keyed to follow his suggestions. Reda, the voiceless one, has a thrall about him. His commanding presence is only emboldened by his powerful stature. The first time he held me, I found at my full height I only just reached the top of his chest. The physical connection between us began to mirror the silent one. It was like I could sense what he wanted if I just let the moment take over. And he wanted a lot of things.

He shared a story once, about a game that children played when he was young. They’d call out these colors of red and green. When red was said, no one could move. Green meant free movement. The idea interested me a lot. When Reda would be around, I’d tap things colored red and he’d stand still and smirk. Then I’d tap something green and he’d move again. 

The groundwork for our game was set…but I was not the one tapping the colors this time.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the green light still lit on the stand near my bed. The light of which drawing stark attention to my paleness.

What felt like hours but was likely less than minutes passed as I reflected on our history. Then slow and controlled, Reda began to move.  His body easing forward as places his hands on both sides of shoulders. I can feel his smooth, bare, chest muscles slide along my ass as he makes his way up my body. His face comes closer to mine. The sound of his deep, urgent breaths in my ear filling me with excitement. 

This game we play is all about submission. I do what I’m told and only what I’m told. I do nothing but be present otherwise. There is an allure to the total lack of control paired with the intense focus of internal control that makes the experience so powerful. I always have the choice to stop, but this game is all about consented control. 

His mouth moves with hunger. Warm and hot, it presses against my neck, his tongue and teeth gently exploring my skin. It’s slow at first but grows in intensity. His hips start to shift in time with the movements of his mouth. He coats my neck and shoulders with kisses. Some soft and sweet, others animal like. The movement of his hips makes it impossible to ignore the size and shape of his shaft cradled between my legs. The wetness left by the exploration of his tongue allowing the easy movement of his head between the inner most part of my thighs. Memories of it inside me make my heart race. As if reading my thoughts, he lifts and arches his hips effortlessly guiding his dick into me. A slow, measured perfect fit. It’s like his body knows mine or mine knows how to obey his. It’s not like with others. I don’t have to fight through that edge of sharpness or wait for something in me to relax. My body just knows the form of his and every powerful inch of it fits just so. Everything is still, as I feel the warmth of his body lying on mine merge the new warmth of him inside me. He kisses my neck sweetly now. Soft and kind. The touch of his lips expressing every wordless term of gratitude his silent voice can’t express. In this moment I am his and he is grateful.

The moment passes and dear sweet Reda begins to move. His hands slide over my shoulders, the power of their grip holding me in place. I can feel his hips shifting and in turn, his dick easing in and out of me. It borders on too much at first. Each movement is longer than the last. The withdrawing reminding me of the size of him.  His dick, with its gentle curves and impressive length, presses into places that I can never reach in my own explorations. Each advance firmer and deeper than the last. There is no space between our bodies as he begins to fuck me. His legs bend slightly, wrapping around mine while his feet settle into my ankles for leverage. To counter the push, his hands brace my shoulders pulling me back into place. Sweat builds between us and I can smell him. He smells like sandalwood and the sea. A smell so unique to Reda that I’d know it anywhere. I lose myself in it all…the pressure, the movement, the smell of his body filling the room, the power of his hands drawing me down so can work his way further into me. 

He fucks me in a rhythm. Long, slow draws of his shaft followed by forceful thrusts of his hips pressing into mine as he sinks back in. With each, the head of my own cock is pressed into the blankets over and over. The barest of pressure against the ridges of the head teases me to the edge of cumming. I want it to be more. More pressure. More fucking. I’m desperate for him to press harder, to fuck me harder. And when he does it’s incredible. His intensity grows as does the excitement behind his thrusts. The force of his movements lubricated by only the earlier explorations of his tongue. His fucking presses my dick harder against the bed sliding between the blankets and my stomach now already slick with precum. I can feel the sensation climbing. I can nearly count the thrusts needed to push me over the edge. He begins to groan. A low, guttural warning that he’s about to cum. A sound I’ve known many times before. It’s too much for me to bear and I spend. Cum pulsing from me with each of his thrusts. My breath escapes in waves of relief and pleasure. His moaning grows louder. There are no words in them just primal sounds from deep in his chest. I can feel his legs shake, his groan trails off into an inaudible breath, and I feel it. He cums deep inside me.  

We lay there together, not moving. His body draped over mine. His labored breathing warming and cooling my neck. He slides his hands under me and spreads them wide over my chest pulling me into him. Together we are a tangle of sweat and fluid and comfort. When his breath returns to normal, he draws up. Using just one finger he tips my chin toward him and kisses me. One long, full unmoving kiss. A perfect kiss. He points his fingers to his own chin and draws them away in a quick sign then gets up to leaves. 

I break the perfection of the moment just enough to reach over and touch the light, extinguishing the green light and welcoming sleep. 



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