Briar & Admiral Stone - "A Brief Respite"

 A Brief Respite : Part 1

Briar held his hands over his head in a lattice, smiling at the crescent-shaped pools of light that formed in the shadow they cast. Like clockwork, the larger of the planet’s moons had begun to traverse the sun in a partial eclipse that marked the midpoint of the day. He wondered what effect, if any, this regular dimming had had on the development of the local flora. 

He reached his hands higher, turning the observational exercise into a stretch, and returned to packing his equipment. The sixteen-hour diurnal cycle was convenient for the ship’s botanist. While some of the crew didn’t appreciated the conflict with their human circadian rhythms, it allowed him to observe the entirety of the planet’s day without adjusting his sleep schedule. He snapped his supply bag shut. Done with work for the day, and there were still a few hours before he needed to report back to the shuttle. 

His mind drifted to the river system he had encountered earlier; the deep, gently flowing waters sounded so enticing in the heat. Briar quickened his pace. If he was going to take full advantage of his free time, he had better get moving.

The calmness of the river was intoxicating. He set down his gear and quickly stripped off his clothing, slipping into the cool water. Sonic showers and antimicrobial spray might stave off the grime and smell, but they were no substitute for proper bathing.  The river seemed able to wash away the stress of the past few weeks.

As the river washed over him, Briar allowed his hands to explore his body. The dense hair that covered his arms and chest. His muscles, hardened over time from the tough work of an outdoorsman. He explored lower. His sturdy legs, the heft of his cock and balls. After all, he’d better take the opportunity to wash every inch of himself. 

Climbing out of the water, he turned to face the sun. The harsh rays were welcome on his bare skin after the chilly plunge, and he breathed deeply of the alien air.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Briar’s heart jumped into his throat. Whipping his head around, he saw Admiral Stone standing on the riverbank. He reflexively snapped to a salute and then, blushing deeply, used his free hand to preserve what little of his modesty remained. Stone let out a hearty chuckle.

“At ease, Briar,” Stone smiled, “You’re not in any trouble. In fact, I was thinking of joining you.” Briar’s blushing intensified as he imagined the Admiral undressing in front of him. He’d always had a soft spot for the handsome older man, who treated him strictly but with a fatherly kindness. “Although if you’d prefer,” Stone broke the silence, “I could always find a spot further down the- “

“No!” Briar exclaimed, “No. What I mean is that, um, you would be more than welcome to join me. Admiral. Sir.”

“Then perhaps,” Stone smiled slyly, “you’d like to help me out of this uniform?” Briar’s pulse quickened, and he felt a surge of blood rush into his cock. He wouldn’t be able to conceal himself much longer.


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