Briar & Admiral Stone - "A Brief Respite"

A Brief Respite: Part 2

“Of course, sir.” Briar dropped his hand and exposed himself, now fully erect, to Admiral Stone. He approached cautiously and began fumbling with the buttons on the Admiral’s shirt. As the shirt fell to the ground, Briar moved his hand slowly over Stone’s firm chest, pausing at the faded scar running below it. “This is...”

“A remnant of another life,” Stone finished for him, grabbing his wrist and pulling him closer, “I prefer not to dwell on the past.” Stone’s arms wrapped around Briar, moving down his back and caressing his hairy ass. He placed his hand on Briar’s shoulder, slowly pushing the larger man to his knees. 

Briar began gently rubbing his face against Stone’s noticeable bulge. Trembling, he unzipped his pants, allowing them to drop to the ground. He slowly kissed the entirety of Stone’s erection over the thin material of his underwear, running his tongue around the wet spot at the tip. Unable to contain himself, he yanked Stone’s underwear to the ground and buried his face in his loins. 

“Good boy,” Stone moaned, grabbing Briar’s hair, and using it to firmly press Briar’s face into his groin. He took Stone’s throbbing cock into his mouth as though it was a delicacy. Moving slowly at first, then increasing in speed as his inhibitions fled, Briar was soon choking and gasping for air from the effort of blowing the Admiral.

He reached down to his own cock, feeling it wet with precum. He began to stroke it, then to thrust into his hand as Stone pleasured himself with Briar’s throat. It was soon too much to contain. Ecstasy building to near unbearable levels, thick ropes of cum shot out of the tip of Briar’s cock, splattering against his chest and catching in his beard. He cried out in pleasure at the release, then collapsed to the ground as aftershocks rippled through his body.

Before he knew what was happening, Stone was on top of him, kissing hm passionately. He licked the cum from Briar’s beard, then leaned back to admire his conquest. Using his finger, he slowly traced the patterns running from Briar’s hip to just below his chest.

“Sweet briar, huh? I never knew how appropriate that was,” Stone chuckled and licked his lips. He stood and gathered his belongings, dressing himself as Briar caught his breath. Helping Briar to his feet, he pulled the younger man into a final, tender kiss. Stone turned towards the shuttle, then, hesitating, moved back towards Briar’s discarded clothing.

“I nearly forgot,” he said, picking up Briar’s underwear and pocketing them, “something to commemorate the occasion. I hope you don’t mind, but they’re technically property of the ship anyway.” He winked and disappeared into the jungle. 

Briar sat down, stunned. Now that the thrill of the moment was gone, he couldn’t believe he’d just had sex with his superior officer. Had that really happened? Replaying the scenario in his mind, he felt himself getting hard again. But there would be time for that later. He was sure he’d be seeing a lot more of Admiral Stone in the future. 

He returned to the river and leisurely scrubbed himself clean of his mess. Briar dressed himself and walked back to the shuttle, his missing underwear the only evidence that it hadn’t been his imagination. 


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