Tasos & Alex - "Contamination"

"Contamination" : Part 1

It was a small space. A few arm’s length span in each direction. Soft light playing along the stainless-steel floors and walls. A deep, red light scouring the barren metal surfaces in every direction. The few contents that would could normally be found here removed and in their place only emptiness. The surfaces seamless and unmarred except for one ring attached to the ceiling in the center. Attached to the ring a woven rope. Its length knotted and wound tightly, as it coiled down to two broad bands of wide steel braces. The rope arched tightly between the wrist braces spread wide by a three-foot span of solid metal and held taunt by the unmoving weight of a man.

The man’s feet sat squarely on the floor with just enough tension to remind him that the rope overhead only afforded him the straightest of postures. He holds his body straight in a practiced but deliberate pose of balance and strength. He can feel his muscles settling into controlled positions to keep him upright. Legs rigid but not locked in place. His back strong on upright but not flexed. His arms up by shoulders relaxed. He’s been trained for this. The military had taught him stillness and resolve. It had taught him how to control his body in times of need.

The wash of dim red broke momentarily as someone entered the room. The hiss of the pneumatic door sliding into the wall long enough to allow entrance. Then again as the door resealed itself.  He could hear the padded steps of bare feet behind him. The room didn’t afford much movement. Just a few small steps put the figure close enough that he could feel their breath.


The word was spoken as a greeting but with an inflection that made it clear that he’s not expected to respond.  

Alex’s tongue traced a short bar of metal secured in place by the mask strapped tight to his face. It sealed over his mouth and nose acting as part respirator and part gag.

“I tend to like my men softer, but we’ll make due.”

With a flinch, Alex’s body pulled taunt as fingers brush the right side of his hip. The touch intensely warm in contrast to the coolness of the room. He recognized the voice. Tasos.

He could feel Tasos’ body warming the room. The finger tips turn into a full hand, bracing against the hard surface of his hip. Alex’s body relaxing into the comforting warmth. Alex had been left here, suspended and naked of all but the securing cuffs and mask for what felt like hours. His body losing body heat. The cold and blankness of the space dulling his senses. His mind left build-up to an anxious level of anticipation. In contrast, the man’s presence felt alarmingly stark. His voice, while soft and familiar, was loud. His hands seemed to sear on touch. The warmth pouring from Tasos’ hands and body broadcast itself to Alex’s desperate skin.

Tasos’ hand withdrew and was followed by the sound of a hard object behind placed on the floor. The steel of the floor reverberating subtly as the weight of the object settled. “I would say you should relax. Honestly, I’d prefer you didn’t.” Tasos’s voice, while softer and higher than Alex’s, carried as much practiced authority as any.

Moving in front of Alex, Tasos stood confidently looking into his eyes. Tasos stood nearly a foot shorter than Alex. Their gaze was broken by Alex as his eyes moved down Tasos’ face and features, along his neck and achingly toward Tasos naked body. A nerve deep in Alex drew as taut as his bondage at the sight of it. His own stomach and body unexpectedly relaying feelings eager nervousness. Tasos’ was erect already. His rigidity the only thing revealing any emotion, as his unmasked face was set and focused.

At their feet was a container. Rougher in texture than the room surfaces by polished and well used. It was also radiating heat. Alex could feel warmth seeping through the floor towards his feet. Ceremoniously, Tasos’ kneeled. His small hands wrapping around the lid of the container. Alex could feel the tautness in side start to pulse. The container opened slowly. From it Tasos withdrew a handled cup full of a viscous fluid. He turned, still kneeling, his body now facing Alex.

Alex’s breath caught for a moment as he watched Tasos’ from above. His deep brown hair in rigid, careless waves. His eyes set soft and the deepness of them exaggerated by his dense eyelashes. His lips full and his mouth small. Tasos lingered, his face just a breath away from the growing evidence of Alex’s arousal. Slowly his eyes moved up to Alex’s as he stood, the round cup in one hand, the other hand coming to rest on Alex’s chest.



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